Workplace Safety & Health (WSH)

Working at Heights

Work at heights (WAH) is defined as the following work:
Work in an elevated workplace.
Work near an open edge.
Work near a floor opening.
4. Work on a fragile surface.
5. Any other work environment (whether above or below ground) that poses a fall-from-height or fall-into-depth risk.

As a bizSAFE 3 certified company,
Employer and employees
are expected to comply with Singapore's WSH laws. You should pay particular attention to:


  • Falls are the top contributor to workplace deaths.

  • More than a third of the yearly total workplace fatalities are due to falls.

  • Though fatal falls usually occur in high-risk industries such as construction, they also take place in other industries (where workers may be required to work at heights e.g. on ladders or roofs).

Refer to Workplace Safety and Health Reports for the latest WSH National Statistics Report.