What make us Different?

To become the outstanding one, we understand that we must have a productive and experienced team to deliver the services. However, the team cannot be built by just focusing on the staff training, we realise that we must also taking care of employee welfare to make them feel engaged and appreciated in what they working for. In turns, our staff will put in more effort on delivering their jobs and better customer services will be found here.

There is no shortcut to achieve every single milestone. By understanding this, we spend plenty of time to understand different cleaning challenges that different groups of clients are facing and we provide them the best solution that works. To catch up this evolving technologies era, we always looking for new ways to improve our productivity and adopt innovative culture in the organisation. Besides, we are open for comments from all levels of staff and customers because we know they see what we cannot.

Achieving success is hard but sustaining success is harder. To maintain our quality of work, we always make sure that our staffs have a certain level of knowledge in their job, hence we adopt stringent personnel selection process and investing in our staff training. Not only that, we also make sure that our staffs can represent the company as a whole to forge a long-term relationship with our clients which exceeding the expectations.

Our Values

At Peoplicity Pte. Ltd., there are several values which we hold in high regard, and we expect these values in every member of our team. These values are 

We believe that these values set us a step above the rest, and allow our team members to provide high quality services in a very professional and efficient manner to our stakeholders.

Accreditation & Awards

Organization Chart

Phyo Lae Mon (Phyo)

Kyi Pyar Lwin (Kyi)

Roy Toh (Roy)

Hlychho Biechhuezi

Theint Theint Thu (Theint)

Ei Phyu Thaw

Hla Hla Win

Tan Boo Yu

See Tian En

Lim Soon Ai

Yee Swee Sun

Fang Chin Thye

Ali Riyaz (Sales & Admin)

June May Me Ko

See Kim Geok (Kim)

Ei Ei Phyo

Gu Jianfeng (Feng)

Ian Toh (Ian)

Joey Lim (Joey)

Ah Hee

Joe Yeo Kim Huat (Yeo)

Rio Toh (Rio)

See Kim Geok (Kim)

Rio Toh (Rio)