bizSAFE is a nationally recognised capability building programme designed to help companies build workplace safety and health capabilities. The programme includes SGSecure (PDF) elements to help companies to put in place measures to manage potential terror threats.

Though it is structured as a 5-step programme, your company may apply for a level directly as long as it meets the level's requirements.

Benefits of bizSAFE

Comply with Risk Management Regulations

All workplaces must conduct risk assessments for all work activities and processes under WSH (Risk Management) Regulations. These risk assessments must be reviewed as and when the work activities change or every 3 years, by law.

bizSAFE Level 3 and above recognises that your company has put in place systems to manage workplace risks and complies with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations. To achieve this, you must engage an approved and independent auditor to assess the implementation of risk management in your workplace.

Please refer to bizSAFE Level 3 for more information.

Increase Business Competitive Edge

As safety and health incidents cause delays and financial losses, many clients prefer to work with companies that have sound WSH systems and practices. Having a bizSAFE certificate will help you to expand your business opportunities as it is often a key requirement for contracts and tenders.

Gain Better Corporate Branding

Many companies pride themselves on their reputation and ability to deliver quality products and services. However, if this is done at the expense of employees and causes harm to them, this can seriously damage the company's corporate image.

bizSAFE can help to assure your clients that your company's products and services are delivered by employees who work in a safe and healthy environment, and improve your company's corporate branding.

Create a Safer and Healthier Workplace for Employees

Safety and health are considered basic needs. Failing to provide basic needs can drive prospective and current employees to other employers. As bizSAFE recognises your company's commitment to safety and health, you can use it to retain your talents and position your company as an employer of choice.

Enjoy Free Advertising of Services

The bizSAFE Marketplace provides free advertising for all bizSAFE companies. Once your company receives a bizSAFE certificate, your company and its services will be listed on the marketplace where you can connect with like-minded clients and partners.

Receive Special Invites to Conventions and Forums

bizSAFE companies will receive special invites to our bizSAFE Convention and industry forums.

The annual bizSAFE Convention celebrates the achievements of the bizSAFE community through the bizSAFE awards. It also provides non-bizSAFE companies with the opportunity to understand the benefits of integrating bizSAFE into their business model.

At industry forums, you will learn how to improve your WSH standards and business performance from sessions led by industry experts. Participants may also earn professional points where relevant.