How to create an account

First, we'll go over how to sign up on the mobile app. 

When clients download the app, they're able to create an account from the Account icon, which is on the very bottom right, and it looks like a small outline of a person icon. They'd follow the steps below: 

To create a new account, clients:

If a client already has an account, they'd log in following these steps:

You can learn more about how the mobile app functions by taking a peek at our guide here: How clients use the Scheduling client mobile app

As for the website version, clients must book an appointment to register for an account. Clients can register by clicking Register for an account while viewing the confirmation at the end of the booking process. They need to create a password, agree to our terms of service, and acknowledge our privacy policy. Once they click Sign up, they’re ready to start using their client account. 


Then, when they return to your page, they'll see a "Log In" link at the top right of your Scheduler, where they're able to log into that account. 


Learn more about how Client Accounts function within Scheduling here: Client accounts in Scheduling